Our aim is pragmatic, rapid and effective support for clients with compliance, data and regulatory challenges.

Whether you are anticipating or responding to challenges, whether they are big or small, we aim to give you high quality, experienced support.

TCF was founded by Sandra Quinn and Rick Freeman, who work directly with clients, bringing together their experience of regulation, compliance, process, business operations and change with handpicked teams of highly experienced associates.

We are knowledgeable, practical and people oriented. Where the most experienced people are at the sharp end with the client.

Meet the team

We review every request carefully and hand-pick a team of experienced risk and compliance experts to tackle it.

For our clients, that means tailored expertise at highly competitive rates.

For our consultants, it’s the freedom to focus on client issues.

Simple in principle radical in practice!

Sandra Quinn

Regulation, Compliance, Data Protection and FinTech

Rick Freeman

Compliance and Data, Programmes and Process

Steve Banks

Compliance Effectiveness and Monitoring

Lindsey Booth

Programmes, Change and Compliance

Marc Duff

Project Management, Conduct Risk, Authorisation

Caroline Beck

Prudential Risk, Governance and Compliance

Lydia Bailey

Regulatory Management, Applications and Governance

Tyrone Griffiths

Financial Crime, Anti Money Laundering and Compliance

Chris Hall

Financial Promotions Compliance

Adam Morris

Change, Culture and People