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  • 21st November 2016

The Top Seven Authorisation Tips for FinTech Entrepreneurs

Whilst the FCA move to meet the demand for authorisation support from the rapidly expanding FinTech community, here are our top seven authorisation tips for FinTech Entrepreneurs

  • 1st September 2016

Is being an Appointed Representative a compliance easy rider?

Why firms looking to undertake regulated business shouldn’t assume becoming an Appointed Representative will mean easy compliance. We discuss why it is not failsafe and can still lead firms into hot water with the FCA

  • 1st September 2016

Post Brexit – Will there be a bonfire of the Regulations?

Why the result of the EU referendum won’t bring regulatory relief for firms

  • 1st August 2016

Culture, compliance and the weather – lessons from meteorology

How firms can get better at predicting outcomes by learning lessons from predictive meteorology

  • 28th June 2016

The challenges of managing FinTech compliance

As FinTechs seek to recruit and retain effective compliance managers, what they can learn from George Clooney and A Perfect Storm

  • 27th June 2016

Legal & professional privilege – a tricky relationship issue

The impact of asserting legal and professional privilege in a regulatory relationship and why it needs careful handling

  • 26th May 2016

Helping Start Ups understand – ‘big boys games, big boys rules’

As banks decline or terminate the accounts of smaller entrepreneurial businesses in order to reduce their risk, what smaller firms can do to reduce their risk profile