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  • 12th January 2018

Data management and corporate reputation – not just the what – it’s about the how

In this second article on data management, our key change and strategy associate looks at the shift in public perceptions about corporate reputation and how the requirements of the GDPR offer a unique opportunity to enhance your business and your customer relationships. Many of us are starting 2018 with a clear focus on complying with […]

  • 12th December 2017

Is GDPR the new Y2K? Choosing your expert carefully

This is a question we are hearing more and more people ask. Is GDPR the latest bandwagon on which everyone’s jumping? Our answer is yes and no. No, because Y2K, which was all about supposed IT glitches when the clock turned midnight to start the new millennium turned out to be either illusory or, where […]

  • 24th November 2017

Public trust and GDPR – the virtuous circle of good data management

TCF’s key change and strategy associate looks at how personal trust is at the heart of our data expectations of businesses and the opportunities you can grasp in complying with GDPR. As 2017 closes it’s time to consider the roll call of organisations that have disclosed recent or historic data hacks during this year. Trusted […]

  • 14th July 2017

Organisational Change – Harder than a Hard Thing?

At TCF we spend much of our time working with businesses who need to make changes.  Sometimes they need to change something relatively simple like following a new procedure in relation to data protection or restructuring a compliance team to work more effectively and sometimes they need to change something fundamental like their attitude to […]

  • 31st May 2017

Extending the SMCR to non banks – friend or foe?

Are you ready for SMR or SMCR as it is also known? Regulatory change never stops. Alongside the countdown to GDPR in 2018, runs the countdown to  SMCR or the Senior Managers and Certification Regime. This will replace the Approved Persons regime in much of financial services regulated by the FCA – or at least […]

  • 26th May 2017

The future of Compliance – computer says ‘no’?

Much has been written lately about the future of compliance, particularly in the light of the potential from Regtech and increased automation. But what does TCF see as the future based on what we see happening in the businesses around us? Compliance has undoubtedly been a growth industry across sectors responding both to the increased […]

  • 23rd May 2017

Cyber Security Meltdown – What are the lessons for Compliance from the latest global attacks?

Unless you have been “off grid” for the last few weeks you will be very aware that this month saw a significant cyber attack on vulnerable organisations around the globe including, in the UK, our very own NHS.   Unsurprisingly many of the more sensationalist of the media and commentators have heralded this event as […]

  • 20th May 2017

Compliance Led Change – A fresh approach to business process reengineering

Ask most senior business executives what their experience of Compliance is and they’ll probably provide you with what is more or less the following answer – “a necessary but costly imposition”.    No-one tells you that they are strategically using compliance to support their process reengineering and to drive their business change programmes. And yet… […]

  • 27th June 2016

Legal & professional privilege – a tricky relationship issue

The impact of asserting legal and professional privilege in a regulatory relationship and why it needs careful handling