The General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 have ramped up the standards for handling personal data. They make Data Protection Officers (DPOs) compulsory for many. You may be one of them. Or if you aren’t, you still might want the kind of support that a DPO can provide or just extra support for your data protection lead.

Virtual DPO Support

Virtual support for all your Data Protection requirements, from a Virtual DPO, to helping you meet your GDPR obligations, to simply some additional expertise to draw on.

What Can A Virtual DPO Do

We can help you with a range of DPO services from a virtual DPO to providing someone at the other end of the phone to talk through your concerns and ask any questions you might have.

Virtual DPO

Outsourced data protection officer service

Virtual DPO Support

Support for your data protection lead even if they aren’t a formal DPO

Virtual DPO Back Up

Back up data protection resource for those times when you need extra expertise or help

Virtual DPO Help Line

Someone when you want to ‘phone a friend’ and get help, support and an independent view

What can a virtual DPO do?

The service provides support across the whole range of DPO activities combining a depth of GDPR experience with the wider experience you may need to manage your personal data successfully and effectively.

GDPR programme support

Support and advice on the development and delivery of your GDPR programme.

DPIA support

Support with the development of tailored Data Protection Impact Assessments.

Training support

Support with the development and launch of training to your business.

Process support

Support with implementation of specific processes such as the handling of Subject Access Requests.

Subject access request support

Management of Subject Access Requests.

GDPR compliance support

Access to guidance and support on GDPR compliance and its implications.

Forms and materials support

Support on the development and implementation of standard forms and good practice materials.

Information and reporting support

Development of information and reporting on data breaches and data handling incidents.

Gap analysis support

Data protection and privacy by design arrangements, gap analyses and QA support.

Data breach support

Support with any data breaches.

Data protection support

A point of contact and reference on all data protection issues.

How does it work?

1 We work with you to confirm your needs. We agree what level of support this means and we make the right help available to act as your Virtual DPO.
2 We make available to you the level of support you need for the amount of time and frequency you require per month. This can be modified as your GDPR programme develops and your business changes.
3 We agree “alert” and other response systems so that we can provide “as you need it and want it” support and then we get started.