Board accountability and GDPR

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Board accountability and GDPR

£3500 + VAT + expenses (location dependent)
3.5 hours inhouse senior team bespoke workshop

Who is it for

Boards and Senior Executive Teams.


This senior level workshop has been specifically designed to help Boards and Senior Teams understand their responsibilities in relation to privacy and data protection, maximising the value of their data protection and protecting their reputation and value.

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What are we going to cover?

Our framework of laws and expectations in relation to the protection of data has fundamentally changed. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 create significant requirements for data protection compliance and demand leadership and challenge from Boards and senior executives. This both reflects and combines with heightened public awareness of the risks they and their data face, expectations which create repetitional challenges and opportunities for Boards and Executive Teams.  This workshop covers what Boards and Executive Teams need to be aware of, the work they need to drive, the competitive opportunities and benefits this creates the personal accountabilities they bear and how they can meet them.
Areas covered will include:
  • The main legislation and the implications
  • The impact of non-compliance
  • Governance best practice
  • High level review of what your organisation has in place against what is needed
  • The Role of the Board in GDPR compliance and information security
  • Action planning

Who is this for?

Boards and Senior Executive Teams.

Who will deliver it?

This workshop will be delivered by a senior Compliance Foundation team capable of providing deep expertise and insight into the challenges that privacy and data protection presents across governance and structure, process and policy, and technology.

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