Supporting DPOs – targeted and tailored support

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Supporting DPOs – targeted and tailored support

Cost and structure tailored to business needs

Being a DPO can be a tough ask – combining data, systems, security and compliance skills with the technical demands of understanding and applying complex regulatory and legal requirements. The Compliance Foundation can provide you with mentoring and coaching to suit you on dealing with those challenges and how to operate with them most effectively in a practical business environment.



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What are we going to cover?

We will work with you to identify the areas you think you need to focus on, combined with what may happen in your business within the framework of what is required from a Data Protection Officer and what practically you will need to do.

We can align this with your work schedule and business demands to create a tailored blend of structured programme support and more flexible, ad hoc support where you want it – big or small.

Who is this for?

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Who will deliver it?