Regulatory interaction support and role play

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Regulatory interaction support and role play

Tailored cost and structure

‘I thought that went well’ is often a statement after a regulatory meeting that someone lives to regret. Regulatory interactions come in various forms – approval interviews, face to face, remote, written, short and long term. For those new to Board or Senior Manager roles or those who have not had much experience of dealing direct with the PRA, FCA and other regulators, meetings and interactions can be challenging. We can provide role play, coaching and mentoring to support you as you get to grips with your role, challenge how well you are doing, or support you through a period of regulatory challenge.

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What are we going to cover?

We will work up a programme that works for you. This could be taking hypothetical or real situations and working through these, or evaluating something which has just happened. We can do this in a formal or informal setting, set up a realistic role play to see how you do and help you with your learnings. Clients have told us that after sessions with us, their real meetings were much easier – that is the way we like it.

Who is this for?

Applicants for Board or Senior Manager roles and those already in role who want to test their skills and experience and get informed and insightful feedback.

Who will deliver it?

Our team of former regulators and people who have been on the interviewed side of the desk will engage with you, either one to one or in a group setting.

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