SMCR interviewing and support

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SMCR interviewing and support

Tailored support based on need and timing

Those new to SMCR roles often need programmes of induction and support as a condition of their approval by the FCA or PRA. We can partner with your business to develop the appropriate support for you, and where helpful the evaluation of monitoring of the programme. We can mentor or coach you as part of an induction programme, preparing you for regulatory interviews and approval processes.


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What are we going to cover?

We would work with you and your business to be part of an effective programme for you. This may include briefings and sessions on responsibilities, role plays and feedback and coaching and mentoring on how to handle your role and your regulatory interactions.

Who is this for?

Anyone new to role or expecting to move into a Senior Manager role within the SMCR regime.

Who will deliver it?

Our team of former regulators and people who have been on the interviewed side of the desk will engage with you, either one to one or in a group setting.

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