How we might work with you

We work with businesses across industries to assess and implement the changes required to ensure compliance with the GDPR requirements and other data protection requirements. We offer a range of assessments and reviews from short form two hours to two days in depth depending on your needs.


Complete a review of the firm’s current products and its product design policies and processes to ensure that the concept of ‘privacy by design’ is properly embedded and auditable


Assist the HR team in identifying and appointing a new data protection officer and ensure that they are set up for success with the board


Complete a full assessment of the firm’s websites and sign-up sites to ensure that the requests for permission to use customer data are suitably comprehensive and adequate


Complete a full review of the firm’s data protection policies and procedures and update appropriately - particularly in relation to how the firm processes its customer data


Complete a full assessment of the firm’s technology arrangements (including a penetration test) and create a plan to upgrade the arrangements so that they are secure and comply with the new GDPR requirements


Design and implement a training and development activity to help the firm’s staff understand their role in data protection and ensure they are suitably skilled and knowledgeable

Get in touch

If you know you have work to do, get in touch. We can come to you and carry out a more detailed GDPR readiness assessment of your business to help you understand the details of what you need to do.