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At The Compliance Foundation we are dedicated to supporting the businesses and people we work with to grow competence and expertise. This section of our website is for all those looking for innovative and creative ways to develop their skill sets and capabilities. We offer a wide range of workshops, training, mentoring and coaching options. Enjoy browsing.


All our workshops are practical and interactive – we don’t talk at you for hours – we believe – backed up by research - that the most effective training should be at least 70% interactive.

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Mentoring & Coaching

We can provide mentoring and coaching of varying intensity and length - whether to help you or your team mature over time, to deepen skills, support gaps or simply to provide a friendly but authoritative ear and source of expertise when you need an expert touchpoint.

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Leaders In Consumer Credit

This half day workshop is aimed at existing or aspiring leaders of consumer credit businesses who want to gain a better understanding of their obligations and the steps that they can take to ensure they and their businesses are operating both effectively and in a compliant manner.
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Board accountability and GDPR

Specifically designed to help Boards and Senior Teams understand their privacy and data protection responsibilities in a real world and business value context.
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Effective FCA visits: the end to end guide from first contact to ”goodbye"

This half day interactive workshop covers the life-cycle of an FCA visit from information requests, through briefings, visit management, meeting techniques and regulatory interview skills to findings letter and follow up.
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