Our Works

Regulatory Readiness Reviews

Challenge How do I know how ready I am to be authorised and regulated? Solution TCF can conduct a high level to in depth, depending on your need, review of your existing and planned business arrangements. This covers operational business and governance as well as compliance arrangements. Using this review, TCF will take your board/management/founders […]

Regulatory Permissions Workshop

Challenge What are the specific permissions I will need to apply for when I submit an application for authorisation to the FCA? Solution TCF will deliver a 2 hour tailored workshop with TCF and our legal partners to discuss and ascertain the permissions you will require immediately and in the near future to get your […]

Tech and Systems Compliance Regulatory Assessments

Challenge I need to be able to present my Tech structure to the regulator and understand how it will meet their expectations. Solution Using experienced IT and Tech resource, the TCF Team can review IT arrangements, Tech governance and support firms in providing relevant Tech assurance and documentation including the regulatory IT Controls Form and […]

Impact of Regulation Workshop

Challenge How do I work out what the impacts of being regulated and authorised are going to be? How can I ensure I have information to help me make the design choices I need to make? Solution TCF has a time effective interactive workshop, backed up by supporting information, to take you through the key […]

Application Preparation and QA

Challenge How do I know if the documents I’ve prepared for the application are of an appropriate nature and quality before I submit them? Solution TCF will provide 1-3 days of cost-effective, expert QA support to assess your application documentation and provide comprehensive feedback ahead of submission.

Business Model and Product Design Workshop

Challenge What are the future regulatory challenges and implications of the Business Model & Product Design decisions I am making as I set up the business and raise funding? Solution TCF will facilitate a pre-briefed 2-hour regulatory impact awareness workshop that sets out clearly the regulators’ expectations and enables Start Ups to recognise the future […]

Application Starter Toolkit

Challenge What do I need to do to submit an application for authorisation? What are the timelines and the challenges? What documents do I need to create? TCF Solution TCF provide a high quality, low-cost “Getting Started” authorisation application toolkit that provides Start Ups with the advice, templates and tools required to make a start […]